Winter Housing Décor Trends

If you’re a fan of the cold and snow that comes with winter, you may want to find a way to bring the outdoors into your home. There are several unique and interesting ways to bring a touch of winter into your living space without losing the warmth of the room. Here are a few suggestions.

Create an Outdoor Design

Create an image that reminds you of the outdoors and print it onto low-tack vinyl that you can attach to a fireplace or wall. For those who are artistic and can work freestyle, paint an outdoor scene onto an accent wall. It can be an entire landscape or just an image of a deer or animal playing in the snow.

Use Silver and White

Create an instant feel of snow and ice with the use of silver and white around your home. Use all white or silver objects for your fireplace mantle or add white flowers as a table centerpiece. White coverlets can lie over the back of a chair or couch. Add as many items as you can in these two colors to create the impression of a blanket of soft snow in the room.

Add Outdoor Items

Add things typically used outside in the winter as decorations for your room. It could be a sled, a pair of ice skates, or a miniature sleigh that add a touch of whimsy to a room.

Use a Cool Blue and Shimmer

Another color palette that adds to the feel of the outdoors is a cool, icy blue. You can paint your walls, add pillows to the seating area, or a tablecloth to an end or dining table. Incorporate shimmer and shine with mirrors and silk material that allow light to reflect off of it to add to the feel of ice or snow from outdoors.

For a bedroom, this may include bedcoverings and drapes that give the impression of frost. It will make you want to snuggle under the covers to get warm.

Add Images of winter

Buy framed pictures with scenes of winter or take your own photos and have them matted and placed on the wall. Add items that use snowflakes or icicles in their design to give the room a wintery touch. A branch with no leaves also gives the impression of winter and can be used in place of other plants in a room.

A centerpiece of greenery with white pearls and beads gives a wintery feel to a dining table or coffee table. You can also arrange them on a chandelier or take an arrangement and spray paint it all white to give the appearance that it is bathed in snow.

Whether you’re looking for small touches or a grand design, you can bring a bit of the winter weather indoors. You can go all out or stay within a tight budget to create the cool outdoors feeling. With these ideas you can make your winter landscape fun, whimsical, or sophisticated.

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