What is a Green Home?

Although certifications are necessary to officially designate a home “green,” anyone can make their home and their lives greener. A home’s individual green features are what make it environmentally friendly or “greener.” An environmentally friendly home is a home that—compared with a standard home—uses less energy, water, and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier for its inhabitants. Homes can be built green-conscious, or they can undergo green enhancements (eco-conscious alterations or remodels) after they are created.

A home that is eco-friendly should encompass one or all of the five key green principles outlined below and should:
* Conserve natural resources
* Use energy efficiently
* Have improved indoor air quality relative to normal building standards
* Create less waste to build and live relative to normal building standards
* Be part of a livable community

The M & M Team is proud to say that one of our listings, 1628 Aldercreek Place, is a GREEN home! The current owner has installed Solar-Electric panels that are tied into the grid. These panels provide enough electricity to power the whole house (4,154 square feet), heating, air conditioning and pool system. The owner claims that his electricity bill is now less than five bucks a month!

Not only is “green” healthier for the environment, but it could also save you some money!

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