What’s in an Agent?

There has been an increasing trend recently among people who are selling their homes to do it themselves. This is traditionally referred to as “For Sale By Owner,” and the prime motivator is usually cost savings. Even though there are many homeowners out there who have tremendous business savvy and are highly intelligent, the intricacies of selling one’s own home present countless headaches to anyone who is not a highly-trained and accredited REALTOR®.

As you consider the benefits of hiring a Real Estate professional, what traits should you seek in an agent? Good agents are never pushy, always good listeners, and reliably consistent. Even though you might feel that they are being brutally honest at times, it’s truly in the best interest of properly pricing and marketing your home. It might not be what you wanted to hear regarding your asking price, for instance, but it’s accurate. Accurate pricing is key to a smooth transaction. That’s why good agents listen hard, to gather all details and assess them.

Seek an agent with a sense of humor. This relationship will last awhile, possibly many years to come, and you want to find a mentor who can also be your friend. It’s imperative that you trust your agent, and you can’t do that if you don’t like them. This person should also be patient. Remember that it’s in everyone’s best interest for your agent take a “client for life” approach. This is accomplished by building a mutually beneficial relationship, which will considerably decrease everyone’s stress levels and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Demand complete information and a straightforward approach. You will receive a valuable education during your transaction process. Your agent genuinely wants you to be happy with the customer service you receive. This should include divulging every detail you want to know. However, it also mandates that the agent simultaneously and deftly handles all of the massive amounts of paperwork and legalities, plus the interface with Escrow, Lenders, Title Companies and other agents. These interactions should be seamless to you. That’s why you hired a pro.

If you ask your agent a question and he or she does not know the answer, they should promptly find the answer and tell you. Your representative needs to be direct with you, to create solid direction and to be strong. Once you’ve successfully completed your sale, you’ll be very grateful that you hired an agent. Most likely, you will wind up recommending this person to your friends and family. Last but not least, statistics prove that sellers who use an agent almost always make out better financially than the “Do It Yourself” homeowner. Not to mention all that unnecessary work you saved yourself! We thought you’d like to know.

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