The Secrets to a Super Yard Sale

Spring is a great time to clean out your home and garage and have a yard sale. Not only do you de-clutter, but you may get a nice little bundle of cash to boot!

Here are a few tips that will make your sale successful.

Plan Ahead: Find out if your homeowners’ association has restrictions on yard sales and sign postings. Determine if you have adequate parking for many cars at one time. If not, ask a friend to lend their yard.

Pick a Date: Don’t plan your sale on a holiday weekend. Schedule it for the first Saturday following typical paydays, like the 1st or 15th of the month.

Advertising: We have several free and paid subscription newspapers in our area that list garage sales. You may want to split the cost with a neighbor and hold a multi-family sale.

Signs: These are important so make sure they are large legible and colorful. Don’t use flimsy poster paper, use cardboard or even drywall. Arrows are very helpful.

Early Birds: Often, professionals who plan to buy your stuff for cheap and resell at a profit in an antique shop or on Ebay will show up extra early… even the day before! Put a line in you’re ad that says “No Earlybirds,” and a sign in your yard that reads, “prices double for earlybirds!

Ticketing: Mark every single item clearly on top for large items, use large signs that are visible from the street.

Negotiating: Know the value of your merchandise and stick to your guns. If someone haggles on a high-ticket item early, ask them to stop by later or take their phone number in case it doesn’t sell.

Scammers: Sadly, a yard sale is an easy target for theft. A large group may swarm and distract you with questions while others steal. Some pass bad checks or offer to total the purchases, incorrectly.

Have Handy: An extension cord, batteries and sodas to sell, dozens of grocery bags, lots of small bills and change in a carpenter’s apron or fanny pack, a cell phone, a calculator, and several people to help you.

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