Take Control of Home Odor

Pets, dirty laundry, and food odors often conspire to make homes smell a bit funky. Scented candles and plug-in air fresheners are the obvious fix, but they can leave a home with an artificial, chemical-based aroma. Here are a few natural solutions.

Get good with baking soda
Baking soda is perfectly designed to absorb odors in nearly every context—your refrigerator, your gym bag, your bathroom—you name it. learn more about the cleaning powers of baking soda at http://www.thenewhomemaker.com/bakingsoda.

Update your menu
Unpleasant food odors can be among the worst offenders in disrupting a home’s fragrance. However, the strength and persistence of food odors can be used to your advantage with a little foresight. Include items in your menu that will make your home smell great, such as breads and cookies.

Simmer herbs for a quick fix
When you need to improve your home’s fragrance in a hurry, nothing does the trick quite like a small pot of simmering herbs and spices. Paint or refloor In tough cases, where odors have built up over several years, your best option may be a permanent one. A fresh coat of paint or some new flooring will return your room to the odor equivalent of a blank canvas.

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