"Ryan Mills performed above and beyond…"

RE: Ryan Mills

It is with real please that I write this letter to praise your partner realtor, Ryan Mills.

My elderly mother had to sell her condominium in Thousand Oaks. This was not a happy situation for her, nor a decision lightly made. Because of her earlier sales relationship with you, Joan, she contacted you. In turn, you collaborated with The M & M team, Linda and Ryan Mills, to ensure that my mother had sufficient attention to her real estate needs.

It goes without saying that Joan Genter and Linda Mills were helpful, supportive, and knowledgable. Just that team would have been satisfactory support for the typical sale. But my mother’s ale was not typical.

When our family came to Thousand Oaks to pack, all three realtors were there, voluntarily, to help. Joan, Linda, and Ryan packed, hoisted boxes, purchased supplies, and without complaint worked side by side with us. It was an amazing 3-day event.

When my mother was moved into Solvang Lutheran Home, there were no more family members in the local community. This required significant communication with us as the house remained on the market for several months. Of course, had we sold six months earlier, it would have been a been bidding. But as Christmas and then January rolled around, the market slipped more and more. We were very anxious, and it was upsetting to my mother that she was in the Retirement Home while her house remained vacant and unsold.

The shining star was Ryan Mills, with his incredible communication style. He called regularly, sometimes every day. He routinely informed us of every potential buyer, let us know what their feedback was, and encouraged us to “hang in there.” The condominium was quite run down; while it was in basically solid condition, the carpet, walls, window coverings, kitchen and bathrooms were in need of refreshing. Ryan let us know exactly what he recommended we do in order to sell the house. He opened up the house for the painter, the plumber, and the piano-seller. He purchased parts for leaking faucets. He informed us what bills HAD to be paid, and whcih ones could wait until close of escrow. He collected mail and sent it on. Open houses were held, and every lead tracked down.

Despite a somewhat lengthy and potentially dispirting situation, he never lost hope OR enthusiasm! He was our cheerleader. (“the house is in great condition, it will sell, don’t worry!”)

And sure enough, it did sell. And Ryan walked us through every step of that, also. The day before close of escrow, it was Ryan who was sweeping the garage floor to ensure the walk-through would go well. The very last day, upon close of escrow, he was still calling us to provide information on the process. Our last conversation was like old friends, friends who had been a lot together.

Ryan Mills performed “above and beyond” in every aspect of this sale. I commend you for supporting and encouraging him in this business, and should he choose to continue I know he will do well.

It’s been great! Thank you all.

Jeanne D.

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