RVing – The Ultimate Road Trip


Have you ever wanted to hit the road for an extended period of time? Do you often wonder what is beyond the horizon or around the bend or over the next mountain? That is exactly what my husband and I wondered about and wanted to do when we both retired, buy a recreational vehicle (RV) and hit the road. Many of you have probably had similar thoughts and a desire to see this beautiful country of ours. When we were raising our children we took many vacations over the years but always had to be home in a week or two for work and school. We just never seemed to have enough time to really enjoy a long road trip. Well, one day while holding one of my listings open, I saw a book on my client’s bookshelf called Full-Time RVing. Between visitors to the house, I started reading the book. When my clients came home at the end of the open house, I asked them about the book. They told me that they were selling because they were buying a large RV and were going to live in it full time and travel the country. They asked me if I would like to borrow the book and of course I said yes.

Over the next several weeks, my husband and I poured over the book and began to dream of an extended period of time traveling. My husband was retiring in a couple of months but I wasn’t sure that I could tear myself away from real estate, a job I dearly loved. However, after much discussion between ourselves and our children, we decided to take the plunge. I made arrangements with several of my real estate peers to take care of my business. We put our home on the market, put our items in storage that we wanted to keep, made arrangements for our mail, banking and a number of other loose ends, bought an RV big enough to be comfortable to live in and hit the road. Our first trip was a six month road trip to Alaska on the Alaskan Highway. Boy, what an adventure we had. We have never looked back. I also have learned that I can have both worlds, RVing and Real Estate, thanks to technology and my two great partners, Linda and Ryan Mills.

If you are interested in RVing I highly recommend The Good Sam Club and Escapees. They are a must for anyone that wants to enjoy the RV lifestyle, whether you are part-time, seasonal or full time. Their websites are www.goodsamclub.com and www.escapees.com. Almost anything you would want to know about RVing can be found on these two websites. You can even chat with fellow RVers on line.

If you feel that you might want to travel extensively and see this wonderful country, give us a call. You may be thinking of selling your home or renting it out and becoming a full time RVer; or you may want to continue to live in your home and take extended trips. Whatever your plans we can help you with some of the logistics of making RVing part of your life.

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