Roof Inspections

It’s Fall in the Ventura County… Like every other fall we’ve had, you can probably bet that our yearly visitor, the Santa Ana Winds will be sure to arrive. It’s windy out there! Stay away from the dust and drive extra careful on the roads.

What do the Santa Anas have to do with roof inspections? Quite a few things actually. First, with all the leaves and dust blowing around, debris can get caught in your drains. Excessive build-up can cause leaks. If there are really strong gusts of wind, roof tiles can shift around or even blow away. Besides the wind, your roof could already have some problems that you weren’t aware of.

Although it hasn’t rained a whole lot in the last couple of years, rainy season is just around the corner. It’s better to be prepared than to get caught with some leaks.

We do have some wonderful recommendations for roofers if you need them.

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