Protect Your Home Against These Common Threats

Thousands of homes are damaged or destroyed every year by these common threats. Here’s what you can do to prepare and protect your property.


Crime from burglary, thieves, and intruders is a common cause of damage in a home. To prevent crime in your home, secure it with these basic crime tips. Burglars usually break into homes when people are away at work or on vacation. To prevent your valuables from being stolen and incurring damage like broken windows, locks, and garage doors, install a security system. To deter burglars from entering your home at night, install flood lighting which turns on when movement is detected.

Tornados and Storms

In places like Kansas, North Texas, and Oklahoma, wind and hail cause the most damage to households located in what’s called the Tornado Alley. Natural disasters are unavoidable, but there are certain things you can do to protect your home. To make your home sturdier, make sure that the ceiling, roof, foundation, and shelving are free of any cracks or weak spots that may collapse in a strong tornado or storm.


Water damage from leaky pipes and basement flooding can lead to expensive repairs. In case of leaking plumbing systems and appliances, the damage caused by water is usually only detected after the worst damage has already happened. Knowing common culprits and signs of water damage is an easy to way to keep a problem from getting bigger. Examine all house appliances that are connected to a water supply, and check for leaks. The dishwasher, refrigerator, sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets are all connected to a water supply. Signs of leaks near these appliances include discolored, warped, or soft flooring and cabinetry. Once you’ve located the source of a leak, you can repair it with grout and caulk. For most leaks, you can shut off the water supply and repair it yourself. However, if the leak is connected to the plumbing system in the drainpipes or water supply lines, it’s time to call in a professional.


In the U.S. alone, over 100,000 house fires happen every year, and it can be one of the most devastating events for you and your property. Forty percent of house fires start from inside the kitchen, usually on the stovetop, where something is left on a burner. House fires start small, when combustible items like paper towels or pot holders are left near red-hot burners. A simple measure of caution is to double check that all burners are off after cooking. Additionally, never leave burners or cooking pans unattended.

Smoke alarms can be a great security system against house fires. Unfortunately, alarm batteries can malfunction and eventually die. Making sure your smoke detector has working batteries is an easy way to keep you and your family safe in the instance of a fire. Replace smoke detectors every ten years, and make sure there is one located on every floor of your house. If you or someone is your family is a regular smoker, you may want to review some of these other fire safety tips.

What other common threats apply to your home and how do you protect yourselves against them?

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