Pro Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips‘Tis the season for getting your home back in ship-shape form. Here are some professional tips to maximize spring cleaning fever so your home stays fresh and spotless all year long.

Clean the Window Panes

If you don’t have one, it may be worth investing in a squeegee. These long-handled cleaners help you reach upper corners of windows and glass surfaces quickly. Squeegees are also better at removing unsightly fingerprints than a cloth or paper towel.

Wash Blinds

Depending on whether you have wood or aluminum blinds, it’s time to remove the dust and dirt. For wooden blinds, squeeze a few drops of wood cleaner onto a dry sponge to remove dirt. With aluminum blinds, you can wash them outside with a hose and soapy water. Hang the blinds in the sunshine or lay them on a slanted surface to dry.

Multi-Purpose Cleanser: Vinegar

Distilled vinegar is one of the most versatile cleaners, and a gallon under the sink will come in handy year-round. Use a vinegar-water solution to clean stains in the kitchen and bathroom. You can even use vinegar to clean stains and scuff marks on hardwood floors.

Polish Silverware with Baking Soda

Baking soda is another multi-purpose cleanser that’s good to keep around the house. To clean your silverware, mix pure baking soda with water and drop the silver in the solution. You’ll see the tarnish disappear from the silverware.

Curtain Cleaning

If you have curtains in your house, spring is the perfect time to take them down for an annual wash. For velvet, tapestries, brocades, chenille, and interlined curtains, you will need to take them to a dry-cleaning service. Cotton and other textiles can be thrown in your washing machine and dryer. Not cleaning your curtains once a year means they’re more at risk to rot and capture allergens and mold.

Deep Clean Carpets

Similar to curtains and textiles, carpets need a thorough deep cleaning at least once, usually twice, a year. Rent a carpet cleaning machine or hire a carpet cleaning service to get the dirty work done. Also, you should regularly vacuum your carpets – at least once every two weeks – to keep invisible mites and dirt at bay.

Brighten Your Lights

Lamp shades, sconces, globes, bulbs and other miscellaneous parts of your lighting fixtures attract dust and bugs year-round. Take down your light fixtures and wipe them with a cloth dampened in warm water mixed with regular dish soap. Giving your lights their annual clean will make them shine brighter and keep the air cleaner.

Mattress Turnover

Every three or four months you should turn your mattress by flipping it over and switching the foot and head. This helps the mattress maintain its shape and prevents those deep-sinking spots that develop over time. During the mattress turnover, vacuum it on a low setting to remove dirt and dust. If you suffer from indoor allergies, taking proper care to clean your mattress can reduce your symptoms.

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