Paint Colors That Will Sell Your Home

It’s a great time to be a seller in the real estate market. If you’re prepping your home to put on the market, the color you paint the exterior and interior is a big deal. If you pick the wrong colors, you may not get a single bid. Fortunately, there are few trending colors on the market as well as some steadfast classics that you can use to make sure your home is attractive, from first impressions to last.

White is a classic color choice, especially for the exterior. In fact, one survey found that 40 percent of buyers preferred a white exterior. That’s because a fresh coat of white paint instantly gives your home a clean, pure appearance. But there are other more subtle benefits, too. White makes your home appear larger than it really is, and also reflects heat, keeping homes cooler and more energy efficient.

If you’re looking for an ultra-safe, ultra-conservative hue, pick something with beige tones. Beige is the most neutral color choice, and it blends well with naturally wooded areas. For some homes, beige might not be the right choice. For example, the ornate architecture often found in Victorian-style homes pairs best with bolder colors, than beige. But beige is perfect for classic and modern architecture.

Earthy Tones
When you consider the interior, choose a standard color scheme in earthy tones like blue, green, brown, and orange. Earthy shades are often muted in tone, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Textures like wood, stone, and metal also pair well with earthy tones. Perhaps the most popular earthy tone is Coffee, a rich, light brown that can be easily paired with green, red, or white accents in the furniture, trim, or decor.

Cream colors fall into the “neutral” category, and are often the best choice when trying to entice a large number of potential buyers. As one professional home stager put it, “You want to blend in, you don’t want to be the sore thumb on the street.” With cream, you certainly won’t offend anyone and your home will appeal to the widest group of people.

There is growth in demand for homes in blue, particularly colonial blue. This is a bold color choice, but is trendy enough to make your home attractive to many buyers. Rich blue tones can be found even in the most established neighborhoods, so don’t be afraid to try an eye-catching hue, like this one.

Olive, Burgundy
If you’ve followed our rule book, your home is probably a warm beige or light white color. If that’s the case, take the opportunity to spruce up your color scheme with a trendy olive or burgundy for the front door. Front door colors can make a big difference, particularly when every other color has a neutral tone.

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