“Linda is extremely knowledgeable…”

To Whom It May Concern,

I am so fortunate to have used the Linda and Ryan Mills Team in buying my
home! Linda was so optimistic, warm, and supportive throughout the long and
complicated process. I really appreciated her cheerful willingness to leave no
stone unturned as I looked at every home in my price range in the Conejo Valley.

Linda is extremely knowledgeable and is able to explain things in laymen’s terms so
that I could understand each step of the process. She is also very tactful and I felt
confident of her abilities to negotiate on my behalf.

Because there were many ups and downs, twists and turns in the process, one
outstanding quality in the Mills Team became very clear. Linda was a thermostat,
not a thermometer. She set a calm and positive tone at times when my emotions
were bumping along. Her demeanor always helped me to take a deep breath and a
step back and see the big picture.

It was really nice to have Ryan available at all times as well, he went above and
beyond to answer any questions and to help with all the details.

I couldn’t give a higher recommendation than I do for Ryan and Linda. I would be
happy to speak with anyone trying to find the best realtors in the Conejo Valley.
This is the team!


Christi W.

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