It Pays to Prequalify!!!

A powerful edge for a buyer beginning the buying process is to find the right lender. Why at the beginning? To obtain prequalification for a loan. The ideal time to have a lender prequalify you is BEFORE you get into our car to look at property. Then, you know that you can afford the homes you are looking at. We will assist you in selecting a top-quality lender who will then process all of your financial information and help you establish your budget.

When you are “pre-qualled,” not only do you know exactly what you can afford, you will have a signed document from a legitimate, bona fide lender letting a seller know that you are absolutely serious about getting the best price. Pre-qualled buyers also have a definite edge over others who might be submitting competing offers.

The last six months have brought about a great deal of change in the lending industry. It has been estimated that as many as 40% of the borrowers who could obtain financing 6 months ago, could not obtain the same or similar financing today. That fact alone makes the prequalifying process more important than ever.

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