How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for selling your home, say real estate experts. A recent survey conducted by found that out of 429 real estate experts, over 60 percent always recommend sellers to list homes during the holiday season. While many sellers may want to wait until after the new year to list their home, real estate pros suggest listing during the holiday season to capture the market’s most serious buyers. If you’re considering listing your home over the holidays, follow these steps to ensure that your home is sold.

Know Your Buyers

Buyers have fewer choices during the holiday season, which means there is less competition for the seller. Holiday season buyers are often more serious because they’ve given themselves an end-of-the-year deadline for tax purposes. During the holiday season, home buyers tend to be more emotional, often bidding a higher price than they would at a different time of year.

Decorate for the Season

Homes decorated for the holidays show better because they look more inviting and cozier, especially in the cold winter months. It goes without saying, but before you decorate anything, you should clean and prep your home for staging. Decorations should be tasteful, without being too overbearing. They should also match the vibe of your home. For instance, if your home has cool blue tones, pick decorations like a silver ball wreath or white snowflake wall decals that mesh well with those hues.

Clear the Curb of Leaves, Snow, and Ice

With trees losing leaves left and right, curbside views of homes often feel more exposed. Make curb appeal a top priority and touch up the exterior paint, clean the gutters, and tidy the yard. If you regularly have snowfall and ice, keep sidewalks, stairs, and pathways to the home free of slippery ice and other hazards.

Create a Virtual Tour

Because of greater risk of inclement weather, virtual tours are vitally important to selling homes during the holidays. By making an attractive virtual tour of your home and posting it to free hosting websites like, you provide potential buyers a digital way of exploring your home. If you don’t have a way to shoot video, you can take still photos to create a virtual tour of your home.

Don’t Let a Holiday Vacation Stop You from Listing

If you’re hesitating to list your home because you’ve got vacation plans, you’ve got no reason to worry. You can still list your home on the market and go on your holiday vacation. Restrict showing dates to all days except when you’re traveling or visiting family. You can also delay the closing day to squeeze in a few days of holiday cheer.

Remember, listing your home during the holidays can get you a better price because supply in the market is more limited and many buyers are looking to buy before the end of the year. Plus, once your home is sold, you’ll have an extra reason for celebrating the holiday season.

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