How to Downsize Your House

Moving can be quite stressful. Many aren’t aware of how many items and mementos they’ve collected until it’s time to pack the moving boxes. Employing a few strategies to assist with downsizing can help reduce the anxiety of moving.

Here are a couple of tips…

Jim Henderson, president of William C. Huff Companies, a moving and storage firm specializing in affluent homeowners, advises homeowners to begin downsizing at least three to six weeks prior to listing their current home. This will ease the stress of moving day, and help declutter the home for potential home buyers.

Henderson recommends homeowners start downsizing by throwing out or donating items that are not used very often and hold little sentimental value. Often, these types of items are stored in a shed, basement, or attic. These items should be thrown out or packed up immediately. Items in the heart of the home, such as the family room and kitchen, are usually those valued and used the most. Think carefully about which items you will need to sustain your stay.

Envisioning where each object will fit in the new home is essential. If an object doesn’t fit with the new home or will be useless in a year or two, it is likely that it can be thrown out or donated.

If feasible, selling the home with the furniture, carpets and other furnishings included will reduce moving costs and could make the home more valuable to buyers.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    That’s great advice. In my moves of late, I try to start packing at least a month in advance to give me time to go through everything and make sure only things I truly need go with me.

    I also bought boxes the last time around from They were cheaper than buying new boxes, the kit had everything I needed in just the right amount, and it was delivered via UPS so I didn’t have to go pick anything up and try to fit a ridiculous amount of boxes in my car. Talk about making life simple!

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