Hot Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Over the past decade, the kitchen has become the most reworked, remodeled, and redesigned room in the American home. Here’s a look at the design trends taking center stage right now.

The three pillars of modern kitchen design
For the last several years, the modern kitchen has been defined by three core elements: green design, stainless steel appliances, and reclaimed wooden floors. These trends are showing no signs of losing steam this year. Induction cooking Induction cooking appliances are sleek, safe, and environmentally conscious. It’s no wonder that they are catching on in a big way. In the kitchen of the future, a flame might look as out of place as a rotary telephone.

Clean and neutral
As more homeowners wake up to the realization that the kitchen is the heart of the home, kitchens are being redesigned to reflect that new prioritization. Today’s kitchens feature clean lines and neutral colors in an effort to promote the kitchen as a functional, inviting, all-purpose living space.

Engineered stone
If you want the beauty, variety, and complexity of natural stone, without all the headaches that go along with maintaining and conditioning a porous surface, engineered stone is the logical choice. Today’s engineered stone countertops are as beautiful as they are functional, and many homeowners will be including them in their remodeling plans this year.

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