Hot Housing Design Trends for Spring

With rising temperatures and longer hours of sunlight, it’s time to put those heavy winter colors and textures back in the closet. Warm sunshine and new plant growth calls for a fresh spring look. Get inspired by the following cheery new trends for home design.

Color in the Kitchen
Color is one of the easiest ways to add a fresh, new look to your home. A blue tile backsplash in your kitchen adds a Mediterranean atmosphere, with bright blue reminiscent of the sea. Choose a mint makeover to bring zen-like calm in a cottage kitchen. For a fun spring vibe, paint everything, including the floors, cabinets, and ceiling, a clean white. Then, add pink accents for the curtains, light fixtures, wall art, and large appliances, like the refrigerator. Other bright color trends in the kitchen are citron or gold colors. The yellow hues make for a stylish, retro feel with a homey atmosphere.

Neutrals with a Splash
Every five or seven years there seems to be an overhaul in design trends. This spring, designers are seeing a greater presence of neutral tones combined with bright accents. Creams, dark browns, and grays allow bold furnishings or bright accents to vividly dramatize rooms. Citron, lime, tangerine, and yellow are the best pairings with gray and other neutral shades. All shades of gray from charcoal to pale gray are versatile for rooms with either contemporary or traditional interior design. The grays serve as the perfect back drop for paintings and for energizing accents and furnishings. Patterns and prints have fallen out of favor this spring, but colors like red-orange or tangerine combined with earthy neutrals are hugely popular. Valances, throws, floral arrangements, and pillows with bright, spring colors are easy to find and replace, reviving your home from its winter doldrums.

Color of the Year
The latest color crush in spring design is Tangerine Tango. As the 2012 Color of the Year, this red-orange color instantly energizes a room. You can paint one wall in a room tangerine to make the rest of the room’s features stand out. Creamy-orange wallpaper paired with red-orange pillows and throws can bring out the various shades and moods of orange. If you’re looking for easy ways to enliven your living room, rearrange your books according to color, placing tangerine spines near bright blue spines to add contrast and visual punch. An easy way to spruce up your patio for spring is to add a tangerine painted rug. To contrast the tangerine color, pair it with steely blue or indigo for a more dramatic effect. Because the juicy tangerine was a popular shade in the 1960s and 70s, it’s easy to find chairs and accent pieces in the color at vintage stores and thrift shops.

From Outdoors to Indoors
Take a few hints from nature as your redecorate your home this spring. Replace heavy fabric curtains with light, airy ones. Sheer white or lacy curtains stream in the sunlight, bathing your whole house in soft natural lighting. Swap out your old, dull rugs with new ones that feature floral prints to bring botanical life into your home. Indoor plants like African violets and begonias have stunning flowers and foliage in the spring. Other low maintenance house plants are peace lily, spider plant, and snake plant.

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