Granite Countertops Are Out? What’s In?

Although new home building activity is at a slower pace than in previous years, many home buyers have changed what characteristics they look for in a home. To reflect this, some home builders are developing not only homes with less square footage, but also ones with less dead space, fewer fireplaces, and energy-efficient amenities.

Here is the latest in building fashion…

Homes are being built smaller, with simpler designs, and less “bump-outs” or dead space. According to a design editor at Builder magazine, boxes are cheaper, easier and faster to build. The heating and cooling bills also may be lower with less dead space.

While homes may be smaller, home buyers aren’t skimping on luxury. Some master bathrooms may have a shower with upgrades, such as multiple body sprays, radiant heat in the bathroom floor and the shower walls, along with warming drawers for towels and robes, rather than a simple shower and whirlpool spa tub.

Specialty rooms, like a home office, exercise and theater rooms are transitioning in multi-function spaces. Traditional home offices are no longer off limits to children, but rather the tech center of the house, with ample space for computers and electronic gadget chargers.

The newest trend in countertops is quartz surfacing, recycled glass, cement or paper-based products, not granite. Along the same lines, stainless-steel appliances also are becoming less popular. Appliances with built-in panels that resemble the cabinetry also are in higher demand.

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    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this info. I was never a fan of granite and am happy to see that the use of granite was a passing fad. I agree that the quartz, glass, cement or paper products are in. It is also good to know that the stainless appliances throughout are no longer a necessity. Much appreciated! Keep up the good work.

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