Design Inspiration: Amazing Glass Houses

The latest in design inspiration is houses that are made entirely of glass. Take a look at the houses designed by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio. They have created houses that are made completely out of glass, and are entirely see through. To complement the simplicity of the house, they have created a furniture line. They describe their designs as, “Simplicity is when, in the act of creating the dwelling, matter becomes transparent, a medium for aesthetic values, the stage and theater of representation.” Not only do glass houses have a modern simplicity about them, they also allow the sunlight in, and people inside always have a great view no matter where they stand.

Not everyone may want to live in a house that is made totally of glass though. For those who love the idea of walls (or just can’t find the sledgehammer to knock them down), here is how you can get the same look in your own home. These ideas combine the simplistic idea of glass, one that can be recreated in any home.

-Consider adding a larger window or a window seat. This will give you the feeling of a large area to look out of, but will cost significantly lesser than a whole house made of glass. Using energy efficient window panes will also help keep the elements out. Just removing the section between two smaller windows and adding in a larger window will provide a unique look and a great view.

-Add a small greenhouse (or glasshouse as they are called across the ocean) to your backyard so you get the feel of a glass house, without having to move. Some greenhouses can even be bought pre-built. This can be a great place to grow a garden, or if you want to create a hideaway, you can just add furniture.

-If you are up for a larger project, add a sunroom to your home. One room made entirely of glass will feel luxurious.

-Open up your windows by decorating them with curtains that can be pulled back or easily taken out (like on a rod). Curtains that make use of only a small amount of space in the window (like shades that snap up) are also great. For rooms that don’t require privacy, forgo the curtains and shades. When you take away the curtains, you may find the entire wall section feel bigger and taller, and the window itself will look bigger.

-Use the delicate nature of glass when you decorate. Glass houses look simplistic and delicate (but are very strong). They also use sharp edges and clean lines. Use these elements as you decorate. Instead of furnishing your house with an ornate floral couch or a heavy looking leather sofa, opt for a couch that is simplistic in design and square in shape. Take out wooden cabinet doors and instead use glass ones. Add glass, but add it in unique ways.

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