Curb Appeal

Imagine going on a job interview looking shabby, or trying to sell your car for a good price when it’s filthy and loaded with stuff. In a competitive market, you wouldn’t do well.

The same can be said about selling your home. If it looks neglected and in need of work, some buyers won’t even take a look. This is particularly the case in today’s market where, in many parts of the country, there are far more homeowners anxious to sell than there are buyers interested in buying.

In a business where emotions and pride of ownership play a big role, first impressions can have a lasting effect. Most buyers lack the ability to imagine what a house might look like with a different exterior paint color or a landscaped yard. When there is a lot of inventory on the market, you may have only one chance to catch a buyer’s attention. Make sure it’s not lost before he or she walks through the front door.

One of the first items on a home seller’s agenda should be a critical evaluation of how the home and yard look from the street. It’s a good idea to ask your real estate agent to help with this. Sellers often have strong emotional attachments to their homes and have difficulty seeing it objectively.

Your goal is to identify cost-effective changes you can make to your house and yard that will make it more appealing to buyers. This could be as simple as cleaning up the yard, adding colorful plants, mulching, power washing the entry walk, and washing dirt off the exterior of the house.

However, if the paint is peeling, shutters are deteriorating, the fence is leaning and the yard is a mess, you have a bigger project on your hands. You can sell a house in this condition. But, it will appeal to a limited number of buyers who are willing to tackle a fixer-upper in order to get a bargain price.

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  1. Connie Tebyani
    Connie Tebyani says:

    Excellent post, in today’s marketthe home’s curb appeal IS the first impression.

    One other key factor if I may add: ensure that the home is clearly marked with the house numbers. Either painted on the curb, new numbers on the home or on the mailbox. So often when being called on Staging jobs, we find it hard to locate the house simply because the numbers are missing, fallen off or covered with shrubbery.

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