Cool Online Tools for Home Buyers

These convenient online tools can help you evaluate new homes and new areas during your home search.

Walk Score rates properties based on their proximity to local services and businesses, such as schools and restaurants. Each property is rated on a scale from 1 to 100. More detailed information is available in several different categories.

Greatschools rates homes based on the quality and variety of local schools. Both public and private schools are indexed, and each school is rated on several objective (teacher-to-student ratios, test scores, etc.) and subjective (parent reviews) criteria.
Yelp rates local businesses based on user reviews. Each business is rated on a 5-star system, and reviewers also leave detailed accounts of their experiences with businesses. In addition, Yelp promotes upcoming local events, such as concerts and art shows.

Google News catalogues news from news outlets, websites, and blogs from around the world. By entering a city or zip code in the search bar, you can read recent local news scraped from around the internet in one convenient place.

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