Camarillo Prison Hospital Update

In August we wrote an article about the upcoming Camarillo Prison Hospital and how it would effect real estate in the Ventura County.

We do have a couple of updates with slightly good news…

A number of city’s including Camarillo and Fillmore and a number of groups and organizations have formally opposed the building of this new structure in Camarillo. It has yet to be determined if all that have opposed are being taken into consideration.

Also, the structure in Camarillo was planned to be the third out of eight structures the government had planned to implement in California. We received news that Camarillo has now been pushed back to the fifth structure to be built. This buys the community slightly more time to let their voice be heard.

What can you do? A committee has been formed to allow for the community to voice their opinions, donate, etc. The Prison Hospital Action Committee is looking for help. Please check out their website:

Update 9/24/08: Receiver is moving ahead on Camarillo prison hospital
Looks like Kelso’s Prison is still going strong…

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