Avoid These Home Staging Mistakes

Home staging is an easy way to increase the perceived value of your home, as well as the eventual sales price. But many amateur stagers do more harm than good when they make these common mistakes:

Blocking views
No matter how beautifully your furniture is arranged, if it’s blocking your view, it is a mistake. Make sure you also trim back any landscaping that is infringing on your view.

Using intense paint colors
Intense paint colors can alienate traditional buyers. Even buyers in search of a more fashion-forward aesthetic may not be fond of the particular color you selected. Neutrals are the way to go when staging a home.

Over accessorizing
It is possible to “overstage” a home. If there are decorative knick knacks on every surface, the home will feel more like an Ikea display than a home. When it comes to staging, less is more.

Neglecting storage and appliances
Any savvy buyer will look inside storage cabinets and appliances to make sure there is enough space for the buyer’s lifestyle. If your cabinets are jammed full of junk and your closets are bursting with storage items, buyers will leave with the impression that space is scarce.

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