7 Quick Tips that Could Save Your Life

Would you know what to do in the event of a life-threatening disaster? Here are several expert tips designed to help you survive anything.

How to survive a plane or train crash

Contrary to popular belief, people do survive plane crashes. The difference between surviving and dying in a plane crash or train crash may be your clothing. Since survival often requires a quick escape, clothing that allows for mobility is crucial. Comfortable shoes are particularly important. High heels and sandals should be avoided at all costs. The FAA also recommends durable, flame retardant clothing that is made of natural fibers (cotton, leather, etc.) Synthetic materials have a tendency to melt when exposed to the high temperatures often associated with a collision.

How to survive in a collapsing building

If you are ever in a collapsing building, forget about looking for a door frame or diving under a desk. Instead, find a stack of paper. Stacked paper has a low capacity for compression, which means it will likely deflect debris and create a small void in the debris where you can safely avoid being crushed.

An easy way to be rescued quickly

A GPS tracker is a great way to let loved ones know where you are in case of an emergency. Fortunately, most modern cell phones have GPS capabilities. With a little creativity, you can turn your cell phone into a tracking beacon that makes your movements trackable at all times. For instance, Find my iPhone is a service offered to iPhone users with a Mobile Me account. It is intended to help the user find their phone in the event that it is lost. Sign up for an account and share your login information with your contact. If you ever go missing, your phone (and hopefully you) can be located within seconds. Similar applications are available for most smartphones.

The secret to quick escapes

Oftentimes, natural disasters turn into manmade disasters when people make poor decisions in the initial seconds after a disaster. For instance, a fire breaks out in a crowded building and occupants become trapped and eventually trampled after heading for the wrong exit. To avoid these nightmare scenarios, make sure you always orient yourself in a new space, taking special care to locate all available exits.

How to survive a hotel fire

Hotel fires can be dangerous because if even a single floor becomes impassable due to fire, all of the floors above may be cut off from escape. To avoid being trapped in a fire in a hotel building, opt for rooms on the 7th floor or lower. Firetruck ladders usually are unable to reach above the 7th floor.

The safest seat during a train wreck

The majority of casualties in a train wreck occur at the front or back of the train. Find a seat in the middle of the train. While you’re at it, find a seat that faces backwards. Keeping your back against the train cuts down on the amount of force absorbed by your body.

How to survive a mugging

In the event that you are mugged, instead of handing your purse or wallet to the mugger, throw the item in one direction and run in the other direction. The mugger will be forced to choose between pursuing you and pursuing the money. If they pursue the money, you are free from danger. If they pursue you, at least you have a running head start.

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