5 Ways to Create a Fabulous Backyard Space

Do you ever watch those home and garden shows and wish your back yard could look like that? Or maybe you flip through magazines and dream of creating something picture-worthy. Creating a fabulous outdoor space is not as difficult as you might think. You just have to know what you want, and start with a basic idea. Here are some suggestions to help you create an oasis in your own back yard.

Make an Outdoor Living Room

Make your outdoor area an extension of your home. Look for comfort and durability to create an area where you will want to spend time. Instead of just having a table and chairs, design a living area with comfortable chairs and a sofa. Group them into an arrangement that invites conversation. You can find soft cushions in all-weather material that will be comfortable for spending hours outdoors.

Add items like indoor/outdoor rugs and décor, along with a coffee table or end tables. You can even find televisions for the patio. You can create a second living room as elaborate as your budget will allow.

Change the Fabrics

If you already have an outdoor living space, but want to spruce it up without spending a lot, change out the fabrics or add more. You can cover your old fabrics or add cushions to wicker or metal furniture. Make or buy pillows just like you would use on a sofa, to add a pop of color.

You can also add draperies to your patio if you have a roof. Attach them with hooks and gather them together when you want the area to feel open. Let them hang loose when you want a cozier atmosphere.

Add a Storage Bench

If you have unsightly but necessary items in your outdoor area, buy a storage bench to store them. You can hide your watering hose or gardening tools and add seating at the same time.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Another area in your home that is used often is your kitchen. Why not take that outside and enjoy cooking your meals in the open air? From refrigerators to dishwashers, you can find every indoor kitchen appliance in an outdoor format. If you don’t want to be that elaborate, you can buy a nice grill with warmers or burners to cook a complete meal.

Add Lights

Something as simple as string lights can transform a patio into an outdoor party area. You can also buy sconces or candles to create mood lighting. This is a simple but effective way to add warmth to your outdoor area. If you have a closed area, you can add electrical lights with a chandelier or a unique lighting fixture.

Creating an outdoor oasis can be as elaborate and expensive or as simple and cost-effective as you want it to be. Design your outdoor space to be an area where you want to spend time. No matter how nice an area looks, it will be unused if it does not fit your personality and lifestyle.

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