5 iPad Apps to Help You Design and Redesign Your Home

One of the world’s most popular computer devices, the Apple iPad is a versatile tool that can inspire you as you decorate your home. In the AppStore you can find many applications that help you explore new interior design ideas and trends.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas
This app was featured in the Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch. It offers its users the largest idea database with over 70,000 photos and 150,000 idea books. The app also allows you to store photos locally, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet every time you want to view your idea. The app makes it easy to connect with local contractors and architects to turn your dream designs into reality. Instead of clipping photos from design magazines, you can simply grab photos and ideas you like and compile them into your digital ideabook. With your ideabook on the iPad, you can easily show contractors or designers exactly what you’re looking to do for your next home improvement project.

Cost: Free

Home Interiors Ideas HD
Another top pick, this app was selected by Apple as one of their “New and Noteworthy” apps. Organized and expansive, it features ideas and designs in six major categories, including living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & dining rooms, house pool & Jacuzzi, and Japanese home interior. With high definition photographs you can view close-up details of rooms and decorating ideas. The app has a virtual interior museum experience where you can take virtual tours of interior designs from all over the world. Other popular features of the app include a bookmark function and a button for sharing favorite designs. Because the app already stores all its content, you don’t need an Internet connection to browse and discover new possibilities for your home.

Cost: $1.99

Phaidon Design Classics
For those who want a comprehensive collection of classic designs, the new Phaidon app for iPad offers its three-volume design history encyclopedia. With access to 1,000 design classics by renowned designers, you can be inspired from history as you brainstorm ideas for your next project. The application features archival photographs, original sketches, prototypes, and more from famous designers. This is an essential resource for those who love design and design history.

Cost: $28.99

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
If you are the type of person who always sketches out the latest idea for your home, welcome to the new pencil and paper. With this app you can transform your iPad into a sketchbook. Whether you’re a creative professional or an amateur designer, this app can help you communicate your design ideas visually with drawing and painting tools. The app boasts a natural sketching experience with pencils, pens, markers, brushes, layers, and blending tools.

Cost: $4.99

Pulse News Reader
To stay on top of the latest trends in design and interior decoration the Pulse News Reader app is an essential. The news reader comes with a curated Design section, but it also allows you to personalize your news feed so you can view topics from your favorite design sites daily. The app itself has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use and visually attractive.

Cost: Free

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