3. Find Your Home

Now that you and your agent (hopefully us) have found a good loan program with your lender, it’s time to go shopping!

Based on your loan amount, you should have a pretty good idea of what price range to look for, but what about other amenities? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you desire? What size of home and lot would you like? What area are you interested in? During this step, it is crucial to be open and honest about what kind of home you would like to live in. Knowing these details will help your agent pinpoint your perfect home. Once you have seen a few properties, share with your agent all your likes and dis-likes.

What is the benefit of having an agent show you properties?

*Years of experience have taken us inside of thousands of homes. Our knowledge of these homes and neighborhoods can assist you in your search.

*We have the tools that are needed to capture the most current information, make appointments and show you the property in person.

*We encourage using third party sites such as Realtor.com or Yahoo.com to assist in finding homes, however, these third party sites pull information directly from the Ventura County MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This leads to incorrect data or data that is out of date. We have direct access to the Ventura County MLS and can provide accurate and timely data. Also, pictures and descriptions of properties that are found online do not show the true image of the home. Please refer to your agent for a reliable description.

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