1. Choose Your Real Estate Agent

Why is choosing your real estate agent the first and most important step in this process?

Your agent acts on your behalf coordinating, controlling and managing your whole home buying experience.

Every real estate agent should do the following:

Guide you in finding a lender and obtaining a pre-qualification letter.
Listen to your needs in your search for your home.
Advise you through your offer and negotiation.
Supervise your escrow and due diligence.
Oversee your loan funding and close of escrow.
Pledge a fiduciary duty to you.

Our Pledge…

With your consent, we can agree to act as your buying agent. As your agent, we have a fiduciary duty to treat you with utmost care, integrity, honesty, and loyalty when dealing in a transaction. We are obligated not to reveal confidential information to other parties. We will be diligent in finding the right home for you to purchase. We will negotiate, to our highest ability, the best terms and purchase price. We will provide information for what comparable homes are selling for. And, we will assist in all the paperwork.

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